Combustion Grate References


2017, United Kingdom
Dublix Engineering received February 2017 a contract to upgrade the combustion control at the LondonWaste Energy Recovery Facility also named EcoPark located in Edmonton north of London City, UK. In August 2017 the performance test was succesfully performed with a reduction of the steam flow fluctuation by over 20 % (standard deviation).
2017, France
The Vert le Grand WtE Plant optimized with FuzEvent Software on two WtE combustion lines, the plant is operated by Semardel, located 40 km south of Paris, France.
2017, Italy
AISA IMPIANTI Arezzo A.I.S.A. SPA is located in the city of San Zeno close to the historical city of Arezzo 260 km north of the city of Rome in Italy. The plant operates one combustion line with an annual combustion capacity of 38,000 tons of waste. Dublix has delivered service and equipment since 2010 including:
2015, United Kingdom
Viridor one of UK´s large ERF/WtE plant operators and waste treatment companies has during many years been operating the Bolton ERF plant. 
2013, Belgium
The ISVAG plant is located near Antwerp in Belgium, its two combustion lines are based on the Seghers grate technology from 1999 and 2001, the plant produces 400 degC/40 bar steam and are burning 9 ton waste/hour on each line.
2013, France
The Labeuvrière plant operates 3 combustion lines, Dublix  has supplied services to line 3.
2013, Italy
Terni WtE plant The A.R.I.A. S.p.A. Terni WtE Plant is a part of the ACEA group, the plant is located 100 km north of the city of Rome.
2013, Italy
The San Vittore Plant is a new Italian WtE Plant The Acea Group operates two WtE/RDF combustion lines in the city of San Vittore del Lazio located 150 km south of the city of Rome. Each line has a capacity of more than 100,000 tons of waste per year.
2013, Belgium
Achieved: 35 % more stable steam production, 4 % increased steam production and 95 % fully automatic control by FuzEvent
2011, Denmark
One WtE combustion line and flue gas cleaning system equipped with FuzEvent 2006.
2011, United Kingdom
Renewal of complete grate carpet with new DUB 3 design. Two combustion lines equipped with FuzEvent.
2011, Spain
Upgrade of combustion system with two Martin grates and obtained capacity to treat waste with 20 % increased heating value.
2009, France
>16 % increased waste capacity with , >10 % increased steam production. All three lines provided with FuzEvent in January 2009. Three DD-Jet nozzle heads installed.
2008, Belgium
Automatic control (line 2) more than 90 % of the time, of all connected set-points. One DD-Jet system installed.
2006, Taiwan
The Taiwanese waste incinerator in Yungkang operates on 2 lines each with air-cooled grates of a capacity of 19 t/h.The plant is operated by Veolia, Ta-Ho group.  Dublix Engineering provided:
2000, Denmark
Svendborg Kraftvarmeværk is a Danish waste incinerator.The air-cooled grate line of 6 t/h was commissioned in 2000. Dublix Engineering provided for the project completion:  


2015, United Kingdom
Dublix was August 2014 selected to provide extensive support to Veolia UK. Dublix provided extensive engineering support to the biomass combustion plant installation located at Cameronbridge, Five, close to Newcastle, Scotland.
2001, Denmark
Assens Fjernvarme is a Danish biomass plant with vibrating grate.Plant DataBurning forest wood chipEnergy input 17,3 MWElectric output 4,7 MWElectric efficiency 27 %Thermal output, net incl. flue gas condenser 13,8 MWThermal efficiency incl. flue gas condenser 80 %Steam temperature, turbine 525 °CSteam pressure, turbine 77 bar
2001, Portugal
Mortagua is a Portuguese biomass plant combining a air cooled stoker grade with a water cooled vibrating grate.The fuel is forest wood (40 T/h) producing steam (42 bar/422 degC)  Dublix Engineering provided in 2001 on line 1:
2000, Italy
Crotone is an Italian biomass plant with vibrating grate.