EventX Introduction

FuzEvent eventx_0.jpg

A FuzEvent control strategy is composed by EventX components. Some of the components are for calculations, and others are control components, which calculate new set points for the controllers in the plant DCS/ control system.

The EventX component is the entrance for definition of variables, for starting and stopping the execution of the EventX script, and for configuration of the EventX script.

The EventX philosophy is automatically to detect  special or abnormal situations as soon as possible in order to activate the necessary high level control actions, but an EventX can also be activated by an operator-driven intervention, this is relevant if the operator can detects a special situation before it can be identified by other means.

Any EventX component can be stopped by the operator in case of malfunction. For example if the operator wants to set a new EventX, he can run it for a test period and stop it any time without disturbing other functions of other EventX components.