The FUEL High-Level Control Language

A control strategy handling one section of the process e.g. one combustion line, is called a FuzEvent® Application.

A FuzEvent® Application is composed of a group of so-called EventX components.

Some of these EventX component´s are standardized algorithm´s named FECA - FuzEvent Control Algorithm, other EventX´s are special designed components dedicated to handle exceptions or unique control problems, called exception handlers.

The basic tool applied for designing the core elements in the FuzEvent® system is the FUEL Language.

The FUzEvent Language (FUEL) is a specialized script language for implementation of high level control strategies based on the theory of fuzzy sets, originally fuzzy sets were introduced by Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh in the mid nineteen sixties.

Everything works on-line; during the design, configuration and tuning of the High Level Control, the FUEL Language requires no compilation, no rebuilding of programs, and no data type confusion will complicate the work on control logic.

In order to standardize and reduce the time spend to implement control strategies, most of the necessary calculations in a EventX control strategy, are configured by calling the predefined standard FECA´s.

FUEL and FECA concept therefore represents a major step towards a system that the end-user can configure, develop, and maintain, without constant assistance from the system supplier.

FUEL is even made so user friendly that eventual fuzzy calculations and normal logic go hand in hand. The language itself automatically detects when the implemented logic if crisp (non fuzzy) or fuzzy, which makes it much easier to obtain the advantages of fuzzy control.