One WtE combustion line and flue gas cleaning system equipped with FuzEvent 2006.

Aars is a Danish Waste-to-Energy plant, a steam producing combustion line was built in 1985, burning household waste at a 5 ton/hour capacity and equipped with BWV-BS grate.

The FuzEvent Installation
The FuzEvent system has been in operation on the combustion optimization and Flue Gas Cleaning System from 2006 to 2011.
The plant has been supported through a service contract until 2011.
Due to rebuild of the plant control system the FuzEvent was taken out of operation May 2011.
FuzEvent achieved:

  • Reduction in lime consumption,
  • Improved control of emission levels.

Aars Fjernvarmeforsyning A.M.B.A., 1*5 ton waste/hour

Waste to Energy

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